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Homoelectric manifesto Hidden poster

  • Homoelectric manifesto Hidden poster

Back by popular demand. Homoelectric manifesto for homoelectric night at Hidden in may 2018. Our most talked about poster written by Luke Unabomber now available in A3 poster print. 43cm x 30cm. Printed on 80gsm uncoated paper.

This limited poster is available in this budget friendly version mailed to you in do not bend cardboard envelope by 2nd class post. Uk only.

Homoelectric is for Homos, Hetros, Lesbos, Don’t Knows and Disko Asbos. Love is the message. There shall be no fighting, blighting, shiting, celebrity sighting or ego biting. We are gender bender strobe-light honeys.. We don’t do postmodern ironic Pop Bitch Kim Kardashian likkle fickle lickspittle tittle tattle. We are Careless whispers. We are ‪Chaka Khan‬.  Chaka ‪Chaka Khan‬. Chaka can. This is an establishment of back street off piste boompatink suaveness. We are a black heart Disko. We are the Rusholme Ruffians. No fakers, mugs or thugs. Music is life. We are the late night disenfranchised and this is our church. Stay free. Ket vest love island 100g protein banter boys snorting bosh to beatport house is beige. The gym is the coffin. Forget Brexit cult de sac fundamentalists blaming immigrants. Forget acid dad rock pigs strutting like viagra fools. We are tops off evangelism. So fuck fashionable negativity and contrary smart arse twitteratti vitriol and let’s fly the flag for all things passionate and real. Pitch it up you jazzy cunt. Love saves the day. Don’t be afraid to feel it in that room with no corners and bass buggin spiritual outer space voodoo dancing. Forget Acid cougar fancy dress and ironic glitter in a gluten free glamping field. Dirty is all we’ve got. Dirty is truth. Dirty is the heart and soul. We are the dirty bastards. It’s time to return to the source. Back to basics with vocals from heaven. Odd numbers. Bass lines and basement soul. Come as you are. We are family. We are friends electric. Be ugly. 
No height restrictions. 
We are Homoelectric.
Strangeways here we come. Listen without prejudice. In a magical hidden warehouse. Love is lit
Day one...